1. The site is for sexually active, physically attractive and healthy people who are ready to make sex with a stranger what saves time and money - just sex in the earliest possible time. Due to this service you will always have sex virtually in any city or town.

2. Absolute anonymity. No names, surnames, photo, telephone numbers or addresses - only nicknames. Remember, there are a lot of married people, artists, politicians and businessmen among our members and they value the anonymity. Although we do not have any face control because of its inefficiency and violation of the anonymity principle.

3. High speed of sex-meetings. You do not have to persuade anyone to have sex with you. There's no period of paying your addresses to anyone - all our members are ready to have sex right now and right here.

4. Now the service is absolutely free.

5. Surely you don't have to pay any money for sex itself.

6. After the registration a member can create a sex-invitation as well as accept a sex-invitation from a member of the opposite sex. As soon as any member accepts your sex-invitation you will receive an alert to your email address.

7. You can have not more than one created sex-invitation or one accepted sex-invitation at the same moment. After a sex-meeting you will have the right to create or accept a sex-invitation.

8. If you have created or accepted a sex-invitation you have to come to the meeting to the determined place and on the fixed time, recognizing each other according to mentioned description.

9. Politeness, neatness and cleanliness are must have - this is a passport to your successful date, otherwise a person can ignore you when he/she sees you and in case of abuse you will be banned for a long time. Do not forget that you should be sexual and attractive.

10. By default the initiator of the invitation is responsible for organizational and financial matters ("Where to make sex?", "Where to have some fun?", etc.)

11. You should create a sex-invitation and wait until it will be accepted or to accept someone's invitation then come to agreement about the place and time of the meeting and not to forget about the sings according to which you will recognize each other. Enjoy a completely anonymous sex.

12. The site is completely automatized and anonymous - we do not keep any logs or your personal information. Moreover, even information about the number of members is non-public.

13. There's no sense to state false information about yourself. You will win nothing and the person who comes to the meeting will see that you are not of the age you've stated or do not meet the principles of neatness, etc. In such cases an accepter has the right to leave the meeting and can send us an abuse. You will not get sex, besides, your account will be blocked.

14. The site has no regulations for a sex-meeting, except one basic requirement: availability of condoms. Our goal is to assist attractive and sexy men and women to find an anonymous sexual partner for one night and as soon as possible. Success of a sex-meeting depends only on you. If you like each other and wish to meet from time to time - its your right.

15. The service bears no responsibility for any false information of members and does not guarantee the success of any sex-meeting. It depends on you.

16. Your email address stated during your registration is used only for alerts about sex-invitations and password recovery.

17. In case of major violation of the Terms and Conditions the violator's account will be blocked.

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